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Chuck Woolery was the show's host from 1975 to 1981. The original host of Wheel of Fortune was Chuck Woolery, who hosted the series from its 1975 premiere 

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hosting duties from Chuck Woolery for a network daytime version of Wheel. During each episode of Wheel of Fortune, contestants compete to solve word The longest-running game show in network or syndication is The Price is Right

Charles Herbert "Chuck" Woolery (born March 16, 1941 in Ashland, Kentucky; last name sometimes incorrectly spelled "Wollery" since at least August 1976; among other places, this can be seen on Page 39 of the 1987 TV Game Show Fever magazine) was the first Wheel of Fortune host

A clip of Chuck's last episode on Christmas 1981 and Pat's first episode the Monday after

Jan 09, 2021 · It's most associated with Pat Sajak and Vanna White, but Wheel of Fortune — which debuted Jan. 6, 1975, on NBC and premieres its primetime spinoff, Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, on ABC on Jan. 7— was


Griffin wanted 29 year old Susan Stafford, a model and TV personality. Chuck Woolery was also out for the second pilot, NBC executives preferred 41 year old Edd Byrnes. On August 28, 1974 the second pilot was filmed and renamed Wheel of Fortune. The second pilot was also a bomb and this time it was the host and the sound effects. American game show host and musician, Chuck Woolery learned firsthand, the bitter realities of life after losing his son, Chad Woolery, several decades ago at nineteen. Chuck Woolery prides himself as being the first-ever host on the television competition show, "Wheel Of Fortune." 'Wheel of Fortune' co-host Susan Stafford and Host Chuck Woolery. The popular game show — which premiered on NBC on Jan. 6, 1975 — was hosted by Chuck Woolery for its first seven years: "Before you A clip of Chuck's last episode on Christmas 1981 and Pat's first episode the Monday after There have been two spin-off versions of the show as well. “Wheel 2000” featured child contestants. Then “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” began airing as of January 7, 2021. The original host of the show was Chuck Woolery from 1975 to 1981. At the time Pat Sajak, the current host, was actually a local weatherman for NBC’s Los Angeles Wheel of Fortune 80s game show daytime Here is a rare Chuck Woolery/Susan Stafford episode with the three-lined puzzle board. At the end of this episode, Chuck Woolery comments that there have been 1600 episodes, but as of 2019, approximate 98% of those episodes are known to be lost.